Mayan Language Translator

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Mayan is a language that still arouses enormous interest, especially because of the mystical air around it. People from all over the world are looking for the perfect onlinetool to learn Mayan with and if you are one of them, then Mayan Language Translator app and web translator by Technology RobOne is the right choice for you.

Not only will you have access to a Mayan translator, but you can also download an app that is available for Android devices which will help you learn more about this language.

Brief story about the company

The app was created by Roberto Ben, a Guatemalan man who can speak Spanish, English and Kaqchikel language. In order to create this translator, Roberto had a goal in mind; to help people from around the world learn Mayan languages.

Even though Roberto’s project began in Spanish for lack of resources, his dream came true, and now he is the founder of a company called Technology RobOne. By the year of 2017, Roberto had launched his project and now more than 5 million people have joined him on this journey.

His app has more than 100.000 downloads and it has been mentioned in many international media, economy ministries, universities and even the Academy of Mayan Languages.

The Mayan translation tool

The Mayan translation tool that was developed by Roberto and his company is of one of the most complete online dictionaries.  It is an English dictionary and it has a total of 9 Mayan languages:

  • Achi.
  • Chuj.
  • Itza.
  • Kaqchikel.
  • Kiche.
  • Mam.
  • Poqomchi.
  • Qeqchi.
  • Tzutujil

It is very useful for companies, teachers, high school students, universities, bilingual employees and any other person that wants to start learning a Mayan language. This dictionary functions with a wide database which means the content that all 9 languages have is very extensive.

If you visit the website of this translator, you will find many sections. First there’s video tutorials in which Roberto will welcome you to his website and he will give you advice on how to pronounce better.

After visiting this section, you will find a translation category. You can choose between translating directly from the platform or the applications that Roberto chose to help you improve.

How does the Mayan Language Translator app work?

The Mayan dictionary is like any other online dictionary. You just have to type the word you want to translate to a Mayan language and the dictionary will drop the English translation of the word you just typed.

For example, if you choose the world “Helicopter” and you pick Kaqchikel, the results will drop the word «B´ukük» which is the Kaqchikel translation of the word helicopter. You can type a lot of words and the dictionary is going to drop the translation based on the Mayan language you chose.

You can also translate from Mayan languages to English if you prefer it this way. The dictionary works both ways.

Roberto’s Mayan dictionary is completely free. It has more than 1 million translations and it’s updated each day. This means that new content is added to the dictionary to help you increase your Mayan vocabulary.

Testimonials about the Mayan Language Translator app

To wrap up this article, you must know about the many testimonials that have been shared about the Mayan Language Translator app for Android. A member of Google E-source stated that it is very important to maintain the Mayan heritage when it comes to technological topics, and he congratulated Roberto on his dedication.

Another testimonial comes from the Latin-American Indigenous Festival and they stated that they met Roberto and that they have invited him to be a part of more festivals of this type. But, if you still don’t have enough testimonials, you can check out the dozens of user reviews of the app and be part of one of the large number of satisfied users.

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